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What started as a daily blog to detail my fabulous summer in NYC as a GQ intern has become a real-time icon for my lifestyle. Now that I'm on your radar, I'm not going anywhere. Thoughts, posts, and attempts at humor are entirely my own. Hopefully no doctors will be required.

Weekly Roundup

I feel like there’s been so much happening in pop culture lately that it’s been hard for me to keep up with what’s going on in the world, much less post about it here. So instead of spending stupid amounts of time dictating my thoughts on each of these topics, I thought I’d spare myself the trouble (and you the narrative) and simply post the Safari pages I’ve kept open in my phone for future Tumblr use into one of my weekly roundups. Hope you enjoy.

First, women’s rights have been a huge topic in the news lately, particularly at Mizzou (where I’m now a senior) as we conducted the second largest sorority recruitment in the nation under the strict supervision of Title IX enforcers. I’ve seen several articles about catcalling, specifically why you shouldn’t do it and what happens when women respond.

Also a more frequently curated item that depicts how media’s depiction of women has changed is addressed anew and discusses if the change is positive.

Speaking of women in the media…Beyonce. VMAs. Watch it here if you missed it, and try not to cry/scream/combust at her unbelievable talent and the example she sets as a powerful woman who almost quite literally runs the world.

On another note, four students are developing a nail polish that detects date rape drugs in drinks with a simple stir of the finger. Brilliant. Innovative. Unfortunately necessary.

An artist designs 12 pairs of shoes to represent 12 former lovers and gives a brief description of each woman/relationship. Such a creative concept.

Oh and I’ll be wearing sunscreen much more often after watching this.

And finally, there’s an Instagram account for the J Crew gingham shirt that every man between the ages of 18 and 35 owns (including my boyfriend).

That’s all, internet.

The Great “Theme” Debate

Hey peeps. I’ve perpetuated my procrastination long past my promised point of penance (how’s that for alliteration?) but, in my defense, I’ve been trying to find a new theme for A (Big) Apple A Day that gives it a more momentous aesthetic without compromising readability. And on that front, I’m at a loss. At the moment I’m playing with the idea of keeping my original theme, but I took a screenshot (pic below) of my favorite alternate theme and I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone by not only posting (finally…) but also asking for your thoughts/advice on the matter. Have to say — I like the layout of the option below better than my current layout, but it glitches wherever there’s a YouTube video, which is super annoying. Anyway, chances are, none of you will actually respond on this post because the majority of you check my blog solely for the visual content, but hey, a girl’s gotta write somewhere, and I likely know you personally so I’ll just solicit opinions via my other means of connection to you all. Sorry not sorry.
On that note, due to the insanity of my senior year schedule, A (Big) Apple A Day will probably become heavily visual rather than text-based. I’ll definitely still give my opinions on certain things I’ll be posting, I’m just foreseeing long-form posts making a slight decline in frequency due to the time that goes into the curating, writing, and editing process. Hope you’re all cool with this. (You probably don’t care. Congrats if you even made it this far in this post.)
That’s all for now.

Flawless :: Beyoncé + Nicki Minaj

Okay okay, so Beyonce pulled another “Beyonce” move and dropped a new surprise release with zero warning or press. And of course everyone’s freaking out because she finally addresses Elevator-gate with no bullsh*t, essentially telling everyone to shut up about things they don’t know or understand. Which, how could we? I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely never been on an elevator where the net worth of its passengers exceeds a billion dollars.
But while everyone else is still awestruck by Beyonce’s flawlessness (had to) and Nicki’s fire-spitting verse, I feel like I have to address something that no one else really is: Queen Bey can SPIT. She kinda half-raps in the original version of “Flawless” as well as other songs in her vast archive of running sh*t, but her verse on this remix is the closest we’ve heard her get to actually rapping. And she went HARD. Despite the autotune, Bey’s skills were more on display than ever and she undoubtedly made hubby Jay Z proud with lines like "You wish I was your poundcake," essentially running the first half of the track race (also had to) and passing the baton to Nicki to bring it home.
Well done, ladies. Well done.


Hello all you lovely people, I’ve missed sharing my life with you. It’s been a crazy summer here in CoMo (not as crazy as last summer, but really, what can compare to a summer at GQ in NYC?) and I’ve been busy busy busy which has cut into my tumblr time.
I’ve got some stuff on the way for you guys, including an all-new addition to my Rappers’ Moments of Profundity series which you guys have eaten up. Plus, new music that has had me shaking up the summer and a longform piece about getting fit and my new workout plan (s/o to Ye and Cole).
So hang tight a little longer and I promise I’ll get some dope stuff in your newsfeeds.
Love y’all.

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