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Apr 15, 2014

Angelina Jordan, all of eight years old, has more natural talent than many of today’s pop stars. Don’t believe me? Listen to her sing Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” and try telling me she doesn’t just ooze blues. This girl is a national treasure (good for you, Norway).

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The FOMO-est Moments of Coachella 2014

The California desert comes alive as the epically cool music festival Coachella kicks up sand in the spring air. As someone who has never been lucky enough to attend the festival, with coverage of all things Coachella comes a crippling FOMO that tells the voice in my head I’ll never be a true free spirit without a Coachella wristband. In honor of (or perhaps in spite of) this feeling, these are the moments that make us thank God YouTube exists so we can live the magic through average-quality video. These are the most FOMO-inducing moments of Coachella:

  • Pharrell bringing out an all-star cast of special guests that included Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, and Snoop Dogg/Lion/whatever and blowing everyone’s minds
  • Outkast reuniting and performing “Hey Ya” among other hits, despite their disappointing low-energy delivery (Andre 3000 spent much of “Hey Ya” walking around aimlessly with one arm folded behind his back)
  • Taking a picture by the spaceman
  • One of my favorite power couples, Jay Z and Beyoncé, making surprise appearances — Beyoncé at sister Solange’s set for a quick dance sesh and Jay Z at Nas’ set for two stage-thumping collabs
  • The Lacoste pool party creating an oasis of celebrities having an awesome time, drinking awesome shooters (probably), listening to awesome music, and then just sitting around and soaking up each others awesomeness
  • Lana Del Rey premiering her new single “West Coast” and just being goddess-y as usual
  • Attendants getting away with wearing whatever they want and becoming fashion icons because of it

I gotta go next year.

Emulating icons.
Apr 14, 2014

Emulating icons.

Oh God, that’s so nebulous.
Overheard in the J Cafe at the Missouri School of Journalism. You know you’re a journalism student when….
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Apr 10, 2014

Is it possible that “22 Jump Street” is going to make its barely-legal predecessor look like child’s play? Yes. Am I excited for it? You have no idea. Leggo.

Apr 10, 2014

The 2014 ESPYs Have A Host!

Started from the…yeah okay you know where I’m going with that. Drake announced on Twitter and Instagram Wednesday that he’ll be hosting the 2014 ESPY Awards and posted a spoof of the cover art from his latest album Nothing Was the Same featuring an ESPY Award. This honor, which undoubtedly was something of a product of his success as a recent host/musical guest on SNL, is the first hosting gig Drake has gotten on this scale. And while the aforementioned SNL gig showed off his comedic chops, the question will be whether or not Drizzy has what it takes to follow in the footsteps of past ESPY hosts such as Jon Hamm, Justin Timberlake (my personal favorite), and Jamie Foxx.
One thing’s for certain, Drake is definitely an avid sports fan. Between calling LeBron James his "brother" and rapping about how athletes and musicians admire one another, Drake has made it very clear that he has love for all things sports, which I’m gonna guess is a necessity for the job. I just wonder if he’ll take the hosting gig as a chance to address how he was denied entrance to the Miami Heat locker room post-championship last year or how he was called out by UConn on Twitter after they beat UK for the NCAA Championship.
Guess we’ll have to tune in and see. And if his hosting is anything like it was on SNL, it’ sure to be a great show. But still probably not as good as Timberlake’s.

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Colbert to Replace Letterman on ‘Late Show’

CBS announced this morning that Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman as host of “Late Show.” The news comes just one week after Letterman announced he’ll be ending his 21-year run in late night television in 2015.
The actor and host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” has been among many names tossed around to take the late night spot, including fellow Comedy Central host Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show.” However, Stewart revealed to Vulture that he didn’t want the gig, and that Colbert is a much better fit for the job, saying,
"He’s got some skill sets that are really applicable, interviewing-wise, but also he’s a really, really good actor and also an excellent improvisational comedian…He’s got a lot of the different capacities. Being able to expand upon [those] would be exciting…He would be remarkable."
One of the major questions the announcement has raised is whether Colbert will carry his right-wing character persona with him to “Late Show” or leave the host-acting behind him. What do you think Colbert will do?

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Jon Stewart barates Fox News for sexist, hypocritical, overly extensive, and frankly hilarious coverage of the epidemic sweeping the nation’s young people: spring break. Stewart put it best, “You will believe what they found….cause you know.” If only Fox News really was balanced in their coverage and showed spring break celebrations in places other than Florida. For more, check out this article on The Wire.
SPOILER ALERT: You get to see grown adults talking about the right way to shotgun a beer, which is exactly the way it’s done today….

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Sam Smith’s cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” is more vastly beautiful than the original, and it might just tear you up a little inside. Sam Smith is my new favorite human being with impressive vocal cords. Remember how I said he has the vocal control of Adele and the range of Mariah Carey? Might actually be true.

Apr 8, 2014


That got your attention, didn’t it?
I would normally just add this info to my most recent Weekly Roundup because it falls within the category of “pop culture,” but Queen Bey deserves her own post.
OUT Magazine's latest issue features a blonde-bobbed Beyoncé on the cover and an email(?!) interview with the singer in which she talks about everything from LGBT rights (not surprising) to feeling “scared to death” about the surprise release of her album BEYONCE (mildly surprising).
But OUT struck gold when they exclusively debuted infectious remixes of Bey’s “Blow” and “XO” by French producer Monsieur Adi. Oh, and they’re available for free download.
Please proceed to the nearest sound system.

Apr 8, 2014

Weekly Roundup

Round two of my new series, wrapping up some of the most interesting things happening in pop culture this week. All compilations curated by yours truly.
Jay Z’s bling stirred up controversy at a Knicks game due to its connection to a militant Islam organization. Honestly, I’d be surprised if this was the first time Jay Z’s jewelry made headlines.
A new track titled “I Won” from Future’s upcoming album Honest just surfaced for streaming, and the song features Future and guest Kanye West rapping about winning trophies, but not the gold kind. Kanye makes an obligatory reference to Kim’s ass.
The trailer for upcoming docu-drama “Soaked in Bleach” about the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has been released, and points a very large, very accusatory finger at Courtney Love for the death of her late husband. Also under the gun? The police force who handled the case, supposedly carelessly.
+ Esquire names an unaired SNL sketch as the show’s “best sketch in months,” and they might be right.
I’ll continue to update as the week goes on…

Apr 8, 2014

If you haven’t decided to stop texting and driving by now, this is sure to convince you (and, as Yahoo! puts it, ‘scare the bejesus’ out of you).

Cookies at chapter cause we ballin like that @mizzouchiomega #chiomega
Apr 7, 2014

Cookies at chapter cause we ballin like that @mizzouchiomega #chiomega

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Weekly Roundup

Every once in a while, I binge on pop culture and open 20,000 tabs on my browser of interesting bits of news that I’d like to watch/read/listen to, then find my top picks to share with you all. This may or may not actually become a weekly occurrence, so please share, like, or comment on this post if you want to see more! But without further adieu, this week’s roundup:
+ John Legend’s “All of Me” music video featuring the insane beauty that is Chrissy Teigen. The home video from their wedding at the end………..I can’t.
+ Sam Smith’s debut as an SNL musical guest that blew everyone away, including me.
+ Bill Murray crashed Late Show with David Letterman to cross a few things off his bucket list, to the delight of everyone present no doubt.
+ Bon Iver percussionist and backing vocalist S. Carey releases his second solo albumRange of Light, to positive reviews.
+ Makeup for men is a real thing. A thing Drew Magary tried and told GQ about in the funniest article I’ve read all week.
+ Still counting down the days until OutKast reunites on music festival stages across the country, but my heart breaks when I think that they won’t be giving us the blessing of a reunion in the studio.
ScarJo is starring in a new movie that changes the landscape of the female badass, and it looks pretty awesome.
In case you missed ULTRA this year, Rolling Stone has ever-so-kindly provided us with some of the epic highlights,

Apr 3, 2014


Where did this guy come from?? It’s like he apparated out of thin air and onto the SNL stage last Saturday, making an incredibly impressive debut live on the sacred stage with two songs from his all-but-released album In The Lonely Hour. Honestly though, Smith has the vocal control of Adele and the range of Mariah Carey (okay maybe not that big, but you get the point). This kid, no older than 21, commanded the stage and proved to an audience surely scratching its collective head that he was there for a reason; that reason being that he’s a damn good singer. The chills came seconds into his first verse of “Stay With Me” as the British soul singer crooned “Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand / But I still need love cause I’m just a man" and I nearly broke into tears when I heard his angelic falsetto for the first time. (Full disclosure — music makes me cry. Like a lot. Very Easily. So it could just be that.) Still, this guy is someone who should definitely be on your radar. And ladies, he might just melt your heart with his openly-sensitive lyrics. To answer your question Mr. Smith, "Why am I so emotional?” Because I’m listening to your music.